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The PAO strongly encourages all police personnel members and the public to keep up-to-date on the status of COVID-19 in Ontario and Canada. Visit for updates on current emergency orders, vaccination availability, and access to a self-assessment tool.

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PAO Mission: The Police Association of Ontario will provide leadership to protect and advance the collective rights and interests of its membership.

PAO Vision: The Police Association of Ontario is the unifying voice for Ontario’s professional police personnel.

Core Values:

Integrity – We do the right thing even in difficult situations, follow through on our commitments and work from a position of trust and accountability.

Respect – We think and act in ways that are fair, considerate and professional. Creating an environment that is positive, recognizes everyone’s contributions and establishes open, two-way communication.

Collaboration – We work together as a team to best serve our collective membership, bringing forward and putting in place the best possible solutions to support decision-making that reinforces the Vision and Mission.

Dedication – We demonstrate commitment, perseverance and diligence in our work, while practicing open, receptive and partnership-oriented leadership that benefits the policing community as a whole.

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