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In 1982, the Police Association of Ontario convened for its 50th Annual General Meeting, and began its 50th year of operation. This milestone was a time for the PAO to consider its history and the meaning of the Association’s past to the police personnel of that time. It can be said that the history of the PAO is a history of the development of the police profession in Ontario. As of 1982, the police service had come to be regarded as a definite profession during the years since the founding of the PAO in 1933. The PAO had been, and continues to be, a catalyst for the betterment in the professional status of police personnel in Ontario. The Association’s history is a story of events which have shaped the professional identity of police personnel of Ontario.

The majority of the information available for download below has been extracted from A History of the Police Association of Ontario, a book written by Charles Addington and published by Phelps Publishing Company on behalf of the London Police Association in 1982.

History of the PAO

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