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The PAO strongly encourages all police personnel members and the public to keep up-to-date on the status of COVID-19 in Ontario and Canada. Visit for updates on current emergency orders, vaccination availability, and access to a self-assessment tool.

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Advocacy & Issues

The PAO has written a position paper about policing in 2020 and beyond that outlines our perspective on Ontario’s policing landscape. It covers the role of police associations, police funding, body-worn cameras, public oversight, and misconduct and transparency. It can be downloaded and reviewed here.

The PAO is involved in a variety of activities at the provincial level on behalf of our front-line police and civilian members. Through lobbying and representation with government principals and policing stakeholders, the PAO has made significant advances on a number of critical pieces of legislation which impact on our membership and the communities that they serve:

Throughout our discussions with the current and former provincial governments, the PAO has maintained a strong stand about the fact that Ontario’s sworn and civilian police personnel require the appropriate tools and adequate funding to keep our communities safe, and we have remained clear that we support effective oversight, accountability, and transparency to build the public’s trust in our profession.

As the provincial spokesperson for Ontario’s rank and file sworn and civilian police personnel, the PAO represents our members on a variety of government committees dealing with policing issues, including:

  • Ontario Police Health and Safety Committee
  • Ontario Police Arbitration Commission
  • Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement Board (OMERS)
  • Equipment Advisory Committee
  • Ontario Section 21 Health and Safety Committee
  • Policing Standards Advisory Committee
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