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The Dispatch Magazine

The Dispatch Magazine is published twice a year by the Police Association of Ontario. It is distributed to over 28,000 sworn and civilian police personnel from our 45 member police associations across Ontario. The print edition is mailed to our member offices, however, mailing to individual members is by request only.

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Letters to the editor, story ideas and comments:

The Dispatch Magazine seeks to promote understanding and awareness of policing community and welcomes feedback or story ideas from our readers, please email

  • 2024

    The Dispatch – Winter 2024

    • Grief has to no time limit – South Simcoe Police Association President Leah Thomas
    • Like Father, Like Son – Son Follows Father’s Footsteps and Becomes a Police Officer
    • Civilian Member Builds Bridges Between Members and Management
    • Constable Tanka Awosika Makes A Difference in the Lives of Youth in His Community
    • Advocating Mental Health Priorities at Queen’s Park
    • Police Hero Award Finalists
  • 2022/2023

    The Dispatch – Summer 2023

    • Bail Compliance | Boots on the Ground
    • Member Advocacy is Making a Difference at Queens Park
    • Timmins Police Association: Creating Solutions for Recruiting and Retaining Officers
    • Adam McEachern: Grueling Fitness Challenge Raises Funds for Autism Heroes
    • Andrea Lamothe: It Takes A Village to Heal Those Who Serve and Protect


    The Dispatch – Winter 2023

    • Five Officer Deaths in Five Weeks Takes Its Toll on Members
    • Meet Solicitor General Michael Kerzner
    • PAO’s 2023 Lobbying Priorities Focus on Staffing
    • Niagara Parks Police Service: Unique in Ontario
    • Association Spotlight: North Bay Police Association
    • Sworn Member Spotlight: Constable Judith Solomon, Peel Police Service
    • Civilian Member Spotlight: Tim Morrison, Durham Regional Police Association
    • Stress Overload


    The Dispatch – Summer 2022

    • Member News: Sudbury Shows a New Way to Support Mental Health
    • Public Affairs: Police Personnel Are People Too
    • Association Spotlight: York Regional Police Association
    • Sworn Member Spotlight: Jeff Elvish, Thunder Bay Police Association
    • Civilian Member Spotlight: Pam Twining, Ottawa Police Association
    • Feature: Light at the End of the Tunnel – First responders’ mental health is finally being recognized as a priority in Ontario
    • Feature: what3words Delivers three.word.rescues – Who would have thought that three random words can save someone’s life? With what3words, they can.
    • Feature: Humbled by the Honour: 2022 Police Services Hero of the Year Award Winners – Learn more about this year’s Police Hero Award winners.



    Spring – Ontario Investing in Mental Health for First Responders

    • President’s Report
    • Everyone Needs Backup
    • Learning the Ropes of Association Work
    • CPA Board Nominees
    • PAO Board of Director Nominees – Sworn Members, Uniform Director
    • Ontario Getting a Dedicated Mental Health Facility for First Responders
    • Lanyards Created in Sudbury in Support of Mental Health
    • Get Those Clubs Ready for the Inaugural PAO Charity Golf Tournament on June 27
    • And more!


    Winter – PAO Strategic Goals and Priorities as an Eventful New Year Begins

    • Legal Cases Surrounding COVID-19 Vaccination Workplace Policies
    • Advocating for Ontario’s Police Personnel as the 2022 Provincial Election Approaches
    • PAO Board of Directors Set the Organization’s 2021/22 Strategic Goals
    • In-Person Membership Meeting – A First in Nearly Two Years
    • The Countdown is on for the IAWP Niagara Falls Training Conference
    • Save the Date! PAO Charity Golf Tournament
    • Runnymede First Responders Post Traumatic Stress Injury Rehabilitation Centre
    • And more!
  • 2021

    Autumn – Providing Members with Resources and Support During Times of Transition

    • Work Continuing on Policing Act Ahead of Provincial Election
    • The Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic and Continuing to Work Together
    • A.B.L.E: Working at the Intersection of Policing and Community
    • A Submission from London Police Association’s Executive Director Rick Robson
    • Spotlight on Mental Health & Wellness Services: Canada Beyond the Blue
    • 2021 PAO Dennis R. Latten and John Walker Award Winner Profiles
    • And more!


    Summer – Listening, Learning and Leading: How Policing in Ontario is Adapting to Change

    • New President: Mark Baxter
    • Learnings From Major UK Policing Mental Health Study
    • New PAO Board Director Profile: Cameron Gough
    • Navigating the WSIB Process
    • Serving with Pride: 2SLGBTQ+ Equity and Inclusion in Law Enforcement
    • Breaking Down the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health in Policing
    • And more!


    Spring – A Year into the Pandemic: Impacts on Ontario’s Police Personnel

    • Final membership report from retiring PAO President Bruce Chapman
    • Q&A Between PAO President Bruce Chapman and OMERS President & CEO Blake
    • COVID-19 vaccination efforts
    • Spotlight on mental health & wellness services: Badge of Life Canada and The Haven
    • PAO elected positions – Candidate profiles
    • Recap of the 2021 PAO Virtual Employment Conference
    • And more!


    Winter – Everyone Needs Backup: PAO Member Mental Health Initiative

    • Actions speak louder than words
    • Listening, learning and leading
    • 2020/21 strategic goals
    • Everyone Needs Backup
    • Proving resilient during a pandemic
    • Public relations vs. crisis communications
    • And more!
  • 2020

    Autumn – SIU Act, 2019: Upcoming Changes to the Oversight Framework

    • Upcoming SIU Act, 2019 Implementation
    • Everyone Needs Backup – PAO Member Mental Health Initiative
    • The Importance of Interactions
    • OMERS Update
    • The Trans-Jurisdictional Effect – Why We Can’t
      Ignore Events Happening in Other Countries
    • And more!


    Summer – Navigating Change: Policing in 2020 and Beyond

    • President’s Report – Stay Safe, Stay Well
    • The Impact of COVID-19 on the Mental Health of Ontario’s Police Personnel
    • Exercise Caution: The Gradual Return to Work for Non-Essential Employees
    • OMERS Update on Recent Plan Changes
    • Policing in 2020 and Beyond: PAO Perspective on Ontario’s Policing Landscape
    • PAO Commitment to Listening, Learning, Advocating for Systemic Change
    • And more!


    Spring – Novel Coronavirus: Thank You to All Ontario Police Personnel

    • Leadership in the workplace
    • PAO supports OMERS proposed plan changes
    • New boundaries of accommodation in policing
    • Community-based pilot programs
    • Accountability in the lives of first responders
    • And more!


    Winter – Advocating For Your Future: The PAO and Your OMERS Pension Plan

    • Promoting and protecting our most valuable asset – Our people
    • Side conversations with politicians are equally as important as scheduled meetings
    • How the PAO engages with OMERS, plus meet our AC and SC reps
    • Misconceptions of ‘evidence’ based policing
    • And more!
  • 2019

    Fall – The Devil’s in the Details – PAO’s Influence on Policing Regulations

    • PAO priorities – Specifically, member wellness
    • Recent PAO press releases caused a reaction
    • PAO launching new website this fall
    • 2019/20 PAO strategic goals
    • Board Director profiles
    • PAO’s influence on policing regulations
    • What happens when no one wants to be a cop anymore?
    • 11 elements of an effective respiratory protection program


    Summer – Protecting Ontario, Protecting Each Other

    • Good working relationships with the sitting government and all political parties are imperative
    • PAO workshop program delivers results
    • Get to know the newest members of the PAO Board
    • 2019 Police Services Hero of the Year award winners
    • Time for change: An invitation to have your voice heard
    • What limits our use of evidence-based policing?
    • Occupational exposures and the role of the designated officer


    Spring – 2019 Provincial Bargaining Priorities

    • Change Doesn’t Happen in a Vacuum
    • Challenging Municipal Politicians Using Anti-Police Rhetoric for Political Gain
    • PAO Winter Membership Meeting
    • Changing the Conversation from Cost to Value
    • Provincial Bargaining Priorities in 2019 and Beyond
    • OMERS Update
    • Policing Reform Continues Under PC Government
    • 28th Annual Police Employment Conference


    Winter – OMERS: The Declining Contributor/Pensioner Ratio

    • 2018 – A Year in Review
    • PAO’s Engagement in the Political Process
    • PAO Lobby Day 2018
    • Canadian Police and Peace Officers’ 41st Annual Memorial Service – Remembering the Fallen
    • OMERS Plan Maturity
    • Setting the Record Straight about OMERS
  • 2018

    Fall – Medical Cannabis in the Workplace

    • Medical Cannabis in the Workplace
    • President’s Update on Advocacy Efforts, Member Relations, Mental Health and Fallen Heroes
    • Recap of Association of Municipalities of Ontario Annual Conference
    • New Faces at Queen’s Park, New Opportunities for the PAO
    • Fall 2018 Municipal Election
    • The Purpose of Health and Safety Incident Investigations
    • 2018 Canadian Police Association Biennial Meeting, Vancouver, BC
    • Upcoming Events Calendar


    Summer – SIU Director Under Fire at PAO AGM

    • Together Towards Tomorrow
    • Why Unions: The Role of Police Associations in the Twenty-First Century
    • A Changing Environment: Taking Representation to a Higher Level
    • PAO 2018 Annual General Meeting
    • Association Service Recognized
    • PAO 2018 Police Services Hero of the Year Awards
    • Ontario Police Memorial Ceremony of Remembrance
    • The Monday Morning Quarterback
    • Canadian Police Association 2018 Legislative Conference
    • We are Being Noticed by Municipalities and Police Service Boards


    Spring – New Directions for Policing in Ontario

    • Bill 175: The New Reality
    • Safer Ontario Act – Issues and Results
    • Fighting Back with Numbers
    • 2018 PAO Winter Membership Meeting
    • OMERS – A Look Ahead
    • Coming Soon to a Police Service Near You
    • Naloxone Use Brings Specific Liabilities for Police


    Winter – “Bill 175 is an Attack on Workplace Dignity and Human Rights”

    • Bill 175 – From Process to Platitudes
    • Getting Political Action to Work
    • Introduction of the Safer Ontario Act, 2017
    • PAO Lobby Day 2017
    • Bill 175 – It’s Impact on You
    • Canadian Police and Peace Officers’ 40th Annual Memorial Service
    • Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown Offers Support for Police
    • Bill 175 and the Ontario New Democrats
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