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The PAO strongly encourages all police personnel members and the public to keep up-to-date on the status of COVID-19 in Ontario and Canada. Visit for updates on current emergency orders, vaccination availability, and access to a self-assessment tool.

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Mary Bonenfant’s Story – Dispatcher, North Bay Police Service

When people call 911 they generally aren’t calling to say hello. The nature of our job is to jump right in when someone needs help. That often means being surrounded by a lot of tragedy and darkness. One of the first and best ways to cope, is to lean on the people who experience it with you.

That’s where critical illness stress debriefing is helpful. If you’re service offers a debriefing, go – attend it. If it doesn’t, push for one. They can make all the difference, and you might realize that you’re not the only person struggling. The feeling of not being alone is one of the most valuable things.

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