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 Elements of Good Media Relations 

People will form opinions about your organization based on what they hear and see over time – the use of media can help you tell your story. 

Media can help you tell effective and cohesive stories with key messages, images and ideas. It can help you explore new and interesting ways to tell your story. And it can help you protect and build your organizational reputation. 

Pre-interview checklist 

  • Find out the subject, deadline, print vs. broadcast. 
  • Take 10 minutes to prepare – no matter what, even if it’s just to catch your breath. 
  • Call your media team – or your coworker to gut check and level set. 
  • Think about your message, your audience, and your goal. 
  • Think about sticky messages. 

Getting the best clips 

  • Use full sentences to complete your thought. 
  • Answer in short segments (aim for 30 seconds or less). 
  • Don’t repeat the question if it’s not helpful to your message. 
  • Check your tone – remember that you’re talking to people at home. 
  • Plant and then pivot – answer the question shortly and then say what you want to say. 

Answering tough questions 

  • Never make stuff up. 
  • Don’t be afraid to say, “let me look into it.” And then arrange to get back to the reporter. 
  • Don’t repeat the question, and don’t get defensive. 
  • Pivot – Take the question as an opportunity to talk about what you’re there to talk about. 
  • Do your homework on potential sticky questions before you start. 
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